"Imperial Savagery"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Imperial Savagery deliver 26 minutes of merciless, ravaging death metal influenced by the likes of Deicide, Immolation and Angelcorpse on their debut disc. I could end my review of this Chicago band right there and you would probably know all you need to about them. But I want to compliment the brutal efficiency with which they deliver their furious music. On the cover of this disc, we see a Japanese military officer of World War II vintage ready to strike an enemy's head off with a swift stroke of a sword. Imperial Savagery dole out lightning-fast death metal with the same force that sword is used. Ten songs with no unnecessary feedback, no semi-classical intros, no horror movie samples, no Latin chants. Few of these tunes last more than three minutes. This is the way Deicide did it in their earliest days.

To be sure, this is more of a well worn sound and nothing here will raise eyebrows. But the ruthless delivery of tunes such as "The Hollow Hands", "Enforcing Honor" and "Your Petrified Cross" doesn't allow you to get bored. It's like a a knockout punch thrown by a master boxer...short,crisp, brutal.

Interesting to see where Imperial Savagery goes from here. Will they come up with some more epic Immolation style tunes or will they stick to the short but nasty template? Might be interesting for them to experiment, as long as they keep their sharp edge.