“Corpse Fortress”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Take off your clothes, time for your sludge bath! ILSA is back with their latest excursion into low-tuned horror and debauchery.

No surprises here, but if ultra-heavy hate-filled sludge is your ticket you’ll get what you came for…in spades! This is one ugly animal. Sometimes it crawls, sometimes it lurches to the attack. But always THE RIFF is paramount. “Nasty, Brutish”, “Ruckenfigur” and “Old Maid” have a pulsating, throbbing groove that reminds me of Japan’s Coffins in full flow. Neck breaking stuff and “Old Maid” tosses in shrieking female vocals along with the usual nasty rasps. “Polly Vaughn” is so heavy it could sink to the center of the planet….absolute sludge-death annihilation! One track I didn’t care for was the dragging closer “Drums of the Dark Gods”, which was boring along the lines of Primitive Man’s material.

There’s not one minute here that doesn’t suffocate you like a burlap bag tied tight over your head. Primal evil that doesn’t rely on any sort of progression.