"Tutto Il Colori del Buio"

By Dr. Abner Mality

ILSA is no lady, she is one mean bitch! The infamous name can be traced back to WWII female concentration camp commander Ilsa Koch, who's idea of interior decoration meant making lampshades out of the skin of Jewish prisoners. She was the inspiration for the notorious exploitation movie icon "Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS", beloved of our Danish sleaze-meister Jens Hellroute. Ilsa is a name with some ill meaning to it.

And Washington D.C.'s ILSA follow in that proud tradition. The horror-drenched "Tutto Il Colori del Buio" is one nasty piece of work. Looks like Dragged Into Sunlight have some stiff American competition, as this is a pure holocaust of sludgy, crusty, doomy death metal delivered with about as much refinement as a sledge hammer to the teeth. I've heard so much of this stuff lately, I thought I was immune, but the sheer intensity of this band pushes it into a different level. Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Moss, Winter, Bolt Thrower,'re gonna hear echoes of all that dismal noise here. From the pestilent attack of "Blood Rituals" to the spine-snapping "Roving Blade", there's just no let up. Song titles like "Blue Moon Haze" and "Primrose Paths" may blithely promise release, but it's just a lie...the former is the most suffocating doom on the record while the latter sounds like Trap Them but even angrier and grungier. Add in agonizing screams and some of the coolest B&W horror art I've seen and you have the most punishing dose of sulphuric sludge pushed from the steaming bowels of hell so far this year!