"My Misanthropia"

By Colonel Angus

ILIUM has been around for quite a while now and I am just starting to get into them.  Nightmare Records is releasing this one in 2015 and it is also their first with new vocalist Lance King.  Many of you may remember him from Balance of Power and I have to say, he still has the vocal chops to front ILIUM.  He is the main reason that I was really interested in hearing this disk.  After multiple spins, I have to say that while I enjoy the album as a whole, none of the songs stick out.  Many of the tunes have that double-bass power metal drumming that can get repetitive.  Songs like “Penny Black”, “Godless Theocracies” and the title cut tend to blend a little.  Thankfully the guys change things up here and there to give "My Misanthropia" some much needed variation.  Some of the power metal music out there is very one dimensional so I was really glad that ILIUM changed up the tempos in a number of the songs which ultimately made this a good record.

Like I mentioned earlier, in the absence of any real standout track (all I’m just looking for a couple of memorable tracks), the disk as a whole is still really good.  The songs writing is strong and I really like Lance King’s melodic vocals.  The guitar work on this album is also really good with the riffs and solos being both powerful and very melodic.  Jason Hodgest and Adam Smith certainly know their way around a fret board with Smith doing some heavy lifting by playing guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards on "My Misanthropia".  While I am new to ILIUM and can’t really compare their older work to this new album, I have to say that they are probably going in the right direction starting with King taking over vocals from Mike DiMeo.  While I liked DiMeo in Riot, I think ILIUM would benefit from a more melodic vocalist.  To recap, I would give "My Misanthropia" a 3.5 out of 5.  All the ingredients are there and while it is a good disk, I think the best is yet to come from ILIUM.