“The Golden Age of Black Magick”

By Theron Moore

I dig the fact that there’s been such a strong resurgence – check that – appreciation for the classic metal style that originated in the 80’s carried on by the likes of THRUST, GLACIER, SACRED LEATHER and Texas metal overlords, IGNITOR.  It’s not entirely polite to single out two guys out of a band when   in fact, the entire band IGNITOR is a Ferrari in terms of lineup. But the two aforementioned guys are legends Jason McMaster (DANGEROUS TOYS, WATCHTOWER, etc.) and Stuart Laurence of AGONY COLUMN fame.  I’ve got stories about both bands, but we’ll save that for another time.

These are two dudes who are as legit in metal as Lemmy was and still is.  With that said, the musical bar is set so high for IGNITOR that at this point, they can either fall and be strewn among the wreckage of other bands of their ilk, or they can fly so high that the Earth becomes a mere dot.  Where does IGNITOR lie?

Fly so high, too tough to die, that’s where IGNITOR lands with their new album, "The Golden Age of Black Magick." The sound of this band is pure, raw, untouched power metal. Everything about this record is perfection.  The songs sound like they were culled from the extra tunes that didn’t make it on a PRIEST or MAIDEN record without sounding exactly like the aforementioned bands, rather distinctly IGNITOR.  The vibe of tracks like “Secrets of the Ram,” “Steel Flesh Bone,“Tonight We Ride” and the title track, “The Golden Age of Black Magick” scream integrity and never let you forget that this is denim & leather metal at its finest.

If there ever was a must buy record and a band that you had no choice but to pay attention to, IGNITOR and “The Golden Age of Black Magick” are it, just good time – real deal metal.   As Johnny Lawrence might say, “Don’t be a pussy, buy this record.” And he means it.