by Thor

“Necrospire”, the latest album from Illinois deathcore quintet I Killed Everyone, is a generous slab of well-produced extreme metal.

Being old and a bit cranky, I have to admit my reflexive distain for the proliferation of metal’s sub-sub-subgenres and the bands that adhere to their respective tiny niche’s rules for fear of being castigated by 20-year-old hipstercore kids and internet trolls.  I particularly dislike deathcore and most of its predictable, tired tropes.


…I Killed Everyone isn’t too insufferable in this regard.  Upon experiencing the first track from “Necrospire”, “A Sanguinary Mass”, one could imagine they’d just been obliterated by a traditional, well-executed brutal grindcore outfit.  And while subsequent tracks can’t resist the urge to incessantly devolve into “breakdowns”, by and large “Necrospire” works.  In fact, when it leans toward Death and away from Core, it works quite well.

The vocals are almost exclusively guttural with clear articulation, the guitars are tuned low and yield muscular riffs and the drums are performed with precision and aggression (when they’re not hypnotizing us with halftime 8th-note patterns, anyway) with enough blasting and technical prowess to keep things interesting.  The production of “Necrospire” is impressive and, honestly, if you’re fan of deathcore, then you’ll really dig this album.

For me, the genre’s tropes render stretches of “Necrospire” a bit too static in tone, tempo, and texture.  But really these are all manifest facets of a style that leaves me personally wanting.  At the end of the day, I Killed Everyone does what it does very well.