"Split LP"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I don't know what kind of bad drugs were being consumed when Hummingbird of Death came up with their name, but I would stay far away from them in the future. Of all the dumb monickers...still, a band by any other name would thrash as hard and I've got to say this Idaho band surprised the hell out of me with their half of this split LP. I was expecting insane micro-bursts of grind with silly lyrics, but got exactly the opposite. Their two songs "You're In My Universe Now" and "The World Needs This" are epic jams with thoughtful structures and excellent thrash riffs. Living up to their feathered namesake, the songs are EXTREMELY fast but not all the way through. I was totally blown away by the quality of these songs and have to admit that Idaho can now boast one really good band. That name, though...

Titanarum's side of the split was more of what I was expecting from Hummingbird. Eight violent and raging tunes with deep roots in punk but a very heavy and raw guitar sound. These guys are not the clever songwriters Hummingbird of Death are but what they lack in songcraft, they make up for with generous doses of anger in songs like "Mentally Ill In Prison", "Why Is It" and "Heads In the Sand". This is true punk,thrash crossover and the screaming vocals help hammer that point home, Unfortunately, the band broke up right after the split was recorded.

A recommended double dose of furious speed!