“With Gangrene Edges/Voiidwarp”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Two of the underground’s oddest and most extreme bands collaborate on this twisted split LP.

Howls of Ebb is very odd indeed. They have 3 tunes total on their side of the split and each one sounds like it was composed almost on the spot. They are extreme but to be honest, not all that heavy. There’s very little bottom end here and the guitars and drums sound kind of thin. The music is fast and frantic and unpredictable, with roaring vocals and strange interludes with distorted voices. There is a certain catchiness, especially on the brief “With Gangrene Edges” but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around a band that uses an extreme metal template but is not really that heavy. I think Howls of Ebb are missing something.

Khtoniik Cerviiks have blown my mind with their previous efforts and “Voiidwarp” is no exception. These guys are the true heirs of Voi Vod…they have that unhinged angular quality to their riffing and songwriting but it’s linked to an extremity Voi Vod hasn’t had since “Killing Technology”. Here they have five songs, but three are brief and creepy soundscapes.  “Spiral Spire Stigma” makes up for that by being a dizzying 12 minute plus epic. WOW, what a headfuck! Somehow they manage not to go off the rails but the song is a crazy riff-fest jumping across all kinds of tempos and boundaries. This really is metal music at its most experimental and extreme. “Come To the Subeth” (I see there is a certain droll humor here) is about half the length and pounds away with more screaming sci-fi metal.

Pick this up for Khtoniik Cerviiks, a band that more people need to know about!