“New World – New Eyes”

By Colonel Angus

HOUSE OF LORDS was a band that I got into right away because of my love of the band ANGEL and later, GIUFFRIA.  When they first came on the scene, I liked that they were a little heavier than GIUFFRIA even though “I Wanna Be Loved” was kinda “by the numbers” melodic rock.  I liked most of their non-hit material and felt there was something really special with this band.  I followed them all the way through their first stab at fame until they broke up in the 90s.  After that, I moved on to other bands and music but I did revisit their records on occasion.  Fast forward to 2020 and the guys are back with their 10th studio album.  I have to admit that I have not gotten or listened to any of their disks since “Demons Down” so I’m unaware of their latter day material.  That makes no difference because I’m here to write about this new one titled “New World – New Eyes”.  Based on this release, I’m going to have to go back and check out some of their newer disks.  James Christian is the only original member but that makes no difference when the songs are this good.  To my ears, this new collection of tracks is a little heavier than what I remember but they still have that catchy melodic sound throughout.  Keyboards do play a big part in their sound but Jimi Bell makes his presence known with some great lead work.  Like Bell, B J Zampa (drums) has been with the band for over a decade (where the heck have I been) and Chris Tristram (bass) is the new guy with only 4 years under his belt in HOUSE OF LORDS.

The album starts off with a couple of winner tunes, namely “Change (What’s It Gonna Take)” and the title track and the momentum doesn’t subside until ballad “Perfectly (You and I)”.  I know that there must be some rule book that says that melodic hard rock bands have to have a power ballad on their records or their melodic rock credentials will be revoked.  While I sometimes like power ballads and quite frankly, Christian’s voice is perfectly suited for them, “Perfectly (You and I)” is just not that strong and breaks up an otherwise great record.  Thankfully, “Both Of Us” until the last note of “The Summit” rocks out and I have to say, the best tunes seem to come after the ballad fiasco.  “Chemical Rush”, “We’re All That We Got” and “$5 Bucks Of Gasoline” are some of the best HOUSE OF LORDS tunes and should be on any greatest hits release.  They are pure melodic rock grandeur with great hooks, catchy vocals, and emotional leads.  I’m glad to also say that bands are starting to catch on that us consumers don’t always need 75 minutes of music.  I would rather have less filler tracks making the whole experience enjoyable by not making me hit the skip button.  “New World – New Eyes” is just over 48 minutes which is perfect in length and aside from “Perfectly (You and I)”, this new album is solid 9.5 out of 10.  If you have been following HOUSE OF LORDS in the 2000s, then I’m sure you will get this disk but if you are like me and haven’t given them much of a thought since the early 90s, I highly recommend you get a copy of “New World – New Eyes”; you won’t be disappointed.  This will definitely make my top 10 in 2020.