"Saint of the Lost Souls"

By Colonel Angus

I lost track of House of Lords back in 1992 after their “Demon Down” album.  Being a huge Angel fan, I was always looking for any music that was being produced by their members.  Greg Giuffria was part of the line-up through “Demon Down” but he left for other endeavors.  Little did I know that House of Lords kept going and now they are releasing their 11th studio record. At the end of the day, this seems to be James Christian’s baby and he has kept the flag flying over the years.  Since I can’t speak to the quality of their last few releases, I have to say that this is a pretty damn good disk.  Sure, the record is not earth shattering but it is very well played and produced melodic rock.  The songs are catchy and the playing is first rate.  While some of the tracks blend into one another, there are some cool standout tracks.  The title track is probably the heaviest tune (and probably my favorite but that may change with repeated plays) on this release and “Concussion” has a great groove.  “Art of Letting Go” and “Grains of Sand” are also worthy tunes to add to your collection.  Oddly, for my money, the better songs seem to come later in the record but I’m sure most fans will go through the whole disk before making a judgement.  If you have never heard House of Lords before, I suggest playing the whole disk through because I think you might be really surprised at how the record gets better as it proceeds.

James Christian puts in the quality performance you would expect but for me the star is lead guitarist Jimi Bell.  From what I read, he has been with the band for over a decade and his playing here makes me want to check out the earlier releases with his guitar work.  BJ Zampa (drums), like Bell, has been with the band for just as long puts in a solid performance.  This leave new guy Chris Tristram on bass, who along with Zampa, make a great rhythm section.  Based on the first three House of Lords disk that I purchased on release, I was expecting a level and standard for the tunes and I was not disappointed.  In fact, “Saint of the Lost Souls” is good enough to make me purchase some of the other albums I have missed along the way.  With so many releases being put out, this disk stands out above the others in the world of melodic rock.