“From The Madness of Ixion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

In Greek mythology, Ixion was a king whose arrogance and disrespect condemned him to spend eternity tied to a rolling wheel of fire. The gods didn’t play around when it came to punishment.

Ixion lends his name to this new album from House of Atreus. This band dishes out punishment of a different kind. If you enjoy a mix of brutality and class, this is a band you need to know about. In America, there are very few delivering this level of death metal art. Their last album “The Spear And The Ichor That Follows” was a great collection of mid-paced “stately” death metal dealing with Greek tragedy. This time around, the speed and aggression has been kicked up significantly but HOA has not lost sight of the smart songwriting they’ve been known for.

These guys are riff FIENDS! They hit you with so many great riffs over the course of this album, you don’t know where to start when cataloguing them all. Think of later period Bolt Thrower mixed with bands like Arghoslent and Grand Belial’s Key…that’s where HOA is coming from. The earlier part of the album tends to be more intense, with roaring ragers like “The Oath of the Horati” and “Cordelia” while the second part reverts a bit more to mid-paced and elegant pounders such as “Prometheus Bound” and the melodic instrumental “Ad Hominem”. Kudos must also go to the grinding growls of Anxietous Nero, who still manages to retain an understandable sound. He fits House of Atreus like a glove of steel.

More mythological madness from House of Atreus. Such a shame they are so overlooked in the US.