“Allure of the Fallen”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The majestic opening chords of the title track told me right away I was in for something special with this British act. The band name had me expecting cartoony horror thrash like something from Razorback Records, but this is a much, much different type of band. This version of Horrified creates an epic metal sound that combines several styles of metal seamlessly. If you could imagine Swedish melodic death metal in the vein of Desultory combined with classic British doom like early Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride and then throw in some epic black metal such as Winterfylleth, you’d have a fair idea of what Horrified is doing here.

It’s pretty refreshing to hear some music that has actual thought and structure to it, instead of just a collection of riffs. That opening title track is so heavy and so melodic at the same time, it just blow you away. Do not confuse this with the melodic death of Soilwork or…Heaven forbid…In Flames…this is much heavier. The croaking death vocals do take a lot of getting used to, but you DO get used to them. “Light’s Dissolution” and “The Perceiver” follow with more HUGE sounding metal…the riffs have a very original sound. They are not just hackneyed variations on the same thing we’ve heard time and again. “Unanswered” is a kind of doom metal ballad that builds to a massive conclusion while “Shorn” is a crunchy instrumental. The one slight misstep is the lengthy final tune “The Promise of Solace”, where the British doom influences really come to the fore. This tune was not really the equal of the rest.

Totally and completely recommended…this is head and shoulders above most indy metal today.