By Derelikt Waugh

Alright, so you're sick to (A-HEM!)  death of the whole "retro-death" thing, right? It's all been literally done to...well, fucking death, really. Sure, we all love and worship those bands of the golden gory days, but we're quite frankly sick of the same ol' re-regurgitated riffs being shoved down our throats for the 666,000th time with no originality whatsoever to be heard. So, do we really need yet another old-school worshipping band like Horrendous reminding us of death metal's glorious past life? Under normal circumstances, the answer would be a resounding"FUCK NO", but Horrendous is not your normal, stereotypical, "retro-death" clone band. They are, however, a band that is truly pushing the envelope in terms of what can actually be accomplished under the glorious banner of "DEATH FUCKIN' METAL", all while remaining entirely true to the blood-soaked roots. Three albums in and Horrendous have truly become one of the genuine heavyweights of the genre, packing a brutal punch and some melodic, black surprises along the way.

While it can certainly be said that Horrendous wears their various brutal influences proudly on their gore-spattered sleeves, they cannot, however, be accused of blatant thievery and mindless cloning. At times, they remind me of the impassioned intensity of Swedish bands like Eucharist and At the Gates, but during the more dense and twisting progressive passages, they hearken back to Finnish mutants like Demilich and Adramalech, all while retaining a sound that is very much their own. Aditionally, there really isn't a bit of filler to be found on "Anareta". It's all meant to be digested as one darkly majestic whole, just as any death metal album that's worth a single, solitary fuck should be. In short, Horrendous are quickly becoming an absolute monster of a band that aptly proves that it is most certainly possible to tread new ground while keeping the past very much alive and well. Forget about my yammering though. Buy this album already! In fact, buy two (just in case one melts or catches on fire from being over-played).