"Time Warriors"

By Rusty Coffinnails

If you are into Thin Lizzy, UFO, Pentagram, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, KISS then you will want to check out Horisont. A band like Horisont is hard to find these days, they may not be the best of their genre but are definitely highly talented...they are one of the real rock and roll bands who don't attempt to fake it.
With riffs and vocals that will take you back to the 70s sounds of real rock and roll these guys are hard not to like. When I played the first track I was reminded of a time when bands like KISS, Deep Purple, etc. were topping the charts and all was good.

The vocals of Axel are smooth and fit in with the style so well that the album has a familiar feel to it like you know them from long ago. There are plenty of riffs and great groovy beats that will satisfy even the most finicky rocker. Even when they toss a Swedish lyric song or two at you (I don't know hardly a word in Swedish)  it still just rocks!

"She Cried Wolf" is a searing number that will get you going and has an old Uriah Heep sound to it.. Good stuff!They keep up the blistering riffs with "Eyes of the Father" that kinda reminds me of early Ted Nugent during his good days.
They saved the best for last with "All Must Come to an End, Part 1". This one is an epic tune that shows off the talent packed into this band,  all in a 5 minute plus package for your enjoyment.

Basically if you are into  Swedish hard rock and haven't heard of Horisont you have now officially been told of these guys. They are a band to watch for.All in all this is a good album well worth the time and effort to locate and listen to,