“Döden Nalkas”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Insanely fast machine gun black metal merged with dark industrial is HORDE OF HEL’s chosen plan of attack. This is a kind of black metal I have not heard that much of in recent years...this takes me back to the late 90’s/early 2000’s when there seemed to be a lot of black/industrial crossover. This is an exhausting, nerve-wracking listen but also rather exciting for those who are up for the challenge.

“Blodets Morgon” kicks things off with an ominous sample, a hellish screech and an explosion of cold chaotic black metal. It’s obvious these guys are using a drum machine tuned up to somewhere around 500 bpm. That right there is more than many can handle. Imagine the most intense MARDUK with a robot drummer on overkill. Cuts like “Death Division Status” and “Standard Nordland” continue with this kind of assault. A whole album of this would have been impossible to digest and HORDE OF HEL seem to realize this themselves, because there is more here than just 1000 mph black metal.

“Visdomen Kallas döden” is a bit less chaotic (though still fast) and features much more in the way of synths adding dark atmosphere. “Totalitarian Regime” slows things down to a crunchier, even catchier form of black metal that breaks the album up nicely while still staying dark. From there on, the industrial influences start to become more pronounced. “Total Death” sounds like Hell’s frying pan mixed with beats and samples, a black industrial soundscape. “No Remorse” and “Livets Narkos” both mix black metal and militaristic industrial while final track “Of Eternity and Ruins” is slow, dismal and wintery, with deep layers of synth.

All told, “Döden Nalkas” is one apocalyptic, cold and intimidating beast.