"Darkness Drips Forth"

By Lord Randall

Hooded Menace is often overlooked when it comes to the NWOD (“New Wave Of Doom” – also, note the absence of “Metal”. There’s doom and there’s metal, and the few don’t often cross paths, despite popular conception), but have spent more than their share of time haunting the boneyards of their native Finland. The unmerry gravediggers continue with Darkness Drips Forth

Slow and low is the order of service here, so if you’re looking for the foot-on-the-monitor metal of GRAND MAGUS, seek elsewhere. The same, though, if what you desire is the funerary despair of HM’s countrymen SCEPTICISM. The doom of this quartet is older – damn near primordial, some would say – in execution. Think early CANDLEMASS (post-Epicus…, pre-Chapter VI) taken on a pub crawl by ENTOMBED, then roughed up in the mausoleum. To go song by song wouldn’t be fair, as if you’ve heard one tune on Darkness Drips Forth, you’ve pretty much heard ‘em all, which would be a problem in most cases. Where HOODED MENACE turns things to their favor, though, is in the pure, unadulterated glee with which the group approaches its take on doom. Musicians, yes, but read any interview with the band and you’ll see that they are fans first and foremost. It serves them well here, and gives them a history to pull from to which HOODED MENACE is adding their own brand of gloom. 

On the whole, what we get is a slowly crushing, sometime-grinding pummeling by Lasse & co., who have taken the pain of WINTER, the gospel of GRIEF and the blackest of SABBATHs to lows this outfit had before unreached. May the darkness drip downward…