By Lord Randall

In which bassist/vocalist/ringmaster JD Pinkus and his band of merry dranksters reveal their 6th album of balls-out boogie and whiskey-wrangled rawk, "Corduroy". 

Well, let’s get right to it. While the HONKY of 2016 still ploughs the same field as they did in their early years as regards subject matter, the production is as full of beef as a pasture outside Round Rock. As a fan since the start, your intrepid scribe has just the analogy to unweave this sonic conundrum, to be revealed later. Hang tight, brethren and sistren. Opener ‘Corduroy’ and chaser ‘Baby Don’t Slow Down’ are mid-paced and worthy in and of themselves, but (to these ears) come off as too polished, maybe as a result of the aforementioned production. You can sense these songs being barn-burners in the live sense, but maybe too much sugar in the tank first off? All is forgiven, though, because ‘Outta Season’ kicks like a bronco, Motown horns and more soul than Staxx Records, proving HONKY can shake its moneymaker any time it damn well pleases. ‘Bad Stones’ slides a little Muscle Shoals black gospel/R&B into the mix, yet manages to do so without sounding like a pastiche. At its booze-addled best, this is still HONKY, and the band who brought us such paeans to love as ‘Your Bottom’s At The Top Of My List’, so when ‘Snortin’ Whiskey’ cranks dials it up to 101 proof, we’re far from surprised, and it’s proven yet again that more polished production alone cannot tame this stallion. 

Now, for that analogy. Remember when ZZ TOP busted out "Eliminator" back in ’83 and all the fans of their ‘70s shit got butthurt because of the “cleaner” production? How many of them don’t sing along to ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’’ every time it’s on the radio? Every. Stinkin’. Time.