“Street Eagles”

 by Thor

Portland, Oregon’s Honduran, the band, is a revelation for me.  The three-piece plays heavy, fat music that includes elements of grind and good old fashioned metal.  They’re awesome.  But if you’re really particular and need specificity in your reviews, you may want to bow out now because I’m pleasantly perplexed by this band’s latest album, “Street Eagles”.  But if I absolutely had to pin the tail on this donkey, I’d say that this is album is what happens if Soilent Green and Eyehategod ever have a baby.

The band’s music is rooted in thick grooves, but there are also aggressive blast beats and hardcore elements all over every track as well.  The result is a straightforward-yet-dynamic approach that’s never slow and morose, but rather just outright heavier than a lot of grind if not obligatorily schizophrenic in its arrangements.

The tag team vocalists’ default approach is abrasive screaming, but they emphasize the heaviness of certain passages with guttural barks too, yielding performances every bit as dynamic as the songs are.  The drumming is really percussive and primitive in a good way, always maintaining a formidable bottom end.  It’s less polished and technical than a lot of modern grindcore drumming is, yet still ambitious and various.  The guitar work is all about the RIFF as Honduran isn’t the type of group to shred.  And the riffs are the life blood of “Street Eagles”.  They’re mean and played with purpose, never abstract or dissonant, and always heavy—heaviness that manifests in several ways, from sticky grooves to chorded hardcore skank parts to outright grinds.

“Street Eagles” features eleven songs that come hard and fast, clocking in at around 20 minutes and it’s one of the better surprises this reviewer has had the pleasure of unearthing this year.