“Left For Dead”

By Theron Moore

After a 25-year absence from the scene, Montreal’s HOMICIDE returns with album #2, “Left For Dead”, billed as “apocalyptic thrash” for fans of VENOM, EXODUS and MOTORHEAD.  The album will be self-released, dropping August 21st.  Wow.  Where do I start?  

First, I hear faint, faint echoes of EXODUS and no VENOM nor MOTORHEAD.  And if you define “apocalyptic thrash” as semi-awkward, mid-tempo, clunky, muzzled crossover, maybe it’s time we revisited CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, IMMINENT ATTACK, D.R.I. and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES to hear what real crossover sounds like.  Straight up thrash, in the vein of ANTHRAX, EXODUS or SLAYER, “Left For Dead” isn’t.

Here’s a quote from their press release: “…However, 2020 brought the band members together again they recorded a new album “Left For Dead” which compared to the first album will be like going from light beer to moonshine. HOMICIDE is back and fully amped to be bringing fast, aggressive to new and old fans around the world.”  

The reality, is, “Left For Dead” sounds tame and bridled, as if the guys in HOMICIDE were told to take it down a notch.  I was looking for loud, brash and fast with tons of crunch & stomp and never got it.  “Left For Dead” and “Shot To Hell” are two songs on this seven song record that come close but miss the mark.  By the way, HOMICIDE may want to pay 80’s Metal Blade artist SLAUGHTER HOUSE a royalty for the riff on “Left For Dead” that sounds quite a bit like the same riff on SH’s song, “Incomplete Insanity.”

There’s a lot of problems surrounding “Left For Dead”.  Musically, per the style of music HOMICIDE plays, they sound restrained, even “hushed” at times.  The vocals lack bite, ferocity and aggression, and the band sounds like a bunch of teenagers discovering the glory of punk and metal in someone’s basement back in ‘85.   From a visceral standpoint, HOMICIDE’s sound lacks cohesion, polish, and impact; instead of getting punched in the gut I got tapped on the shoulder.  And lyrically, well, that’s a mess too.  HOMICIDE failed to connect with me through their music, songs & song lyrics, so, with that said, take a chance if you like, but I don’t recommend this record.