"The Book of the Worm"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Book of the Worm! Now there is an album title to bring a smile to my face! But even beyond the cozy little feeling anything Worm-related produces in me, it pleases me to announce that HOD has come up with a record more than worthy of that name!

This is the second full-length from these degenerate Texans, the musical equivalent of the Sawyer family from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and this one should see them making some serious headway with death metal fans. This is 100% lethal American death metal that cuts through your rotten carcass like a red hot chainsaw! Fast and ferocious stuff delivered with bad intent and featuring the grotesquely evil vocals of Mr. Vladibeer Reebs. This fucker has a voice that will cause your blood to run cold. He's got a unique gravel-chewing tone that brings to mind a demon trapped on Earth. Those growls lend a lot of weight to mind-mangling tunes like "When The Ghouls Feed" and "Through The Gates" (They Come For Me).

Musically, I'd say HOD resembles fellow Texans Rigor Mortis on crack and much filthier. Great semi-technical riffs that are still raw and brutal, with some oldschool guitar soloing to top it all off. In a minor quibble, the drums could be a lot thicker in sound. But when you are getting blasted by "Den of Wolves" or "Death Whores", you're not gonna notice it so much. The real piece de resistance is "Where Are The Demons?" Incredible catchy and devilish riffing here, with a taste of "Altar of Madness" era Morbid Angel.

Where are the demons? They are right fuckin' here, in your face, from San Antonio, Texas. Open the "Book of the Worm" and prepare to be devoured!