“Heaven Bled”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Peter Hobbs is back in action and I am over the moon! This Australian shredder delivered one of the all-time great thrash albums of the late 80’s with his self-titled debut. That was a record that defined cult heavy metal. There was a follow-up in 1995 “Inheritance” that was almost impossible to find in the States and which sank like a stone.

You can’t keep an evil thrasher down and Mr. Hobbs proves his worth on “Heaven Bled”. Barring the release of something truly monstrous, this will be one of the records of the year for me. It is the essence of thrash in pure form. As much as I enjoyed the debut, “Heaven Bled” is better yet. Better produced, better played and featuring even more intense and complex arrangements. It kills from the first note to the last! There’s a lot of the first three Slayer albums here, mixed with the technical complexity of Death Angel’s “The Ultra-Violence” and even some Teutonic influence. Pete shreds the axe with devastating solos and brutal riffs throughout…his vocals are a grim, hoarse shout dripping with anti-Christian and anti-political bile. He’s angrier now than he was in the 80’s!

I ain’t gonna drool over every song here, but pay special attention to the awesome war-like thrash of ”Drawn and Quartered”, the straightforward Slayer-like brutality of “Sadistic Domination”, the epic title track and the lengthy closer “Abomination”, which features a very cook melodic breakdown and tasty lead playing at the end.

This is not just a comeback but a declaration of dominance. Hobbs’ Angel of Death rules the thrash world in 2016!