"Immortal Legacy"

By Dr. Abner Mality

There aren't many things that are absolutely true in the metal world, but here is one: it is impossible to hate Katon W. DePena and Hirax. That is pretty much written in stone. If you've ever met or seen Katon, you know what a cool guy and diehard metal warrior he is. This is true even if you happen to dislike the thrash metal of Hirax. Which I don't.

"Immortal Legacy" is the latest from Katon and his troops and it delivers exactly what we've come to expect from these guys over the years....pure thrash metal with DePena's unque and melodic vocal delivery on the top. To be brutally honest, Hirax will never stand with the giants of thrash metal...they just do not have the depth of the likes of Slayer, Kreator and Overkill in their prime. But to be equally honest, Hirax will never be anything less than an enjoyable thrash metal band. You will smile, bang you head, raise your fist and develop some sore neck muscles after listening to "Immortal Legacy". It's not the most brutal thrash, but it is consistently fast and energetic and you can hear the more "metal" roots from classic bands like Priest and even Kiss in songs like "Hellion Rising" and "Thunder Roar: The Conquest, La Boca de La Bestia". Hirax takes those original metal sounds and jacks them up with speed and energy. This was the original recipe of thrash metal. And Katon is the glue that holds it all together with that distinctive clean vocal approach. He injects the hooks that catch hold deeply in your brain, the hooks that many thrash bands today lack.

I think it is pretty likely that Hirax won't equal the vicious attack of their 1985 debut "Raging Violence" of the signature albums of the era...but then again, how likely is it that Metallica will do a new "Ride The Lightning" or Slayer a new "Reign In Blood"? Hirax is absolutely one of the most dependable bands on the planet. "Immortal Legacy" will disappoint no one looking for some classic, meat-and-potatoes thrash metal. Carry on, General DePena...