"The Cosmic Trance Into the Void"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Hic Iacet hail from Spain and that's all I know about them. Except that they produce some of the darkest, dingiest and most oppressive death metal out there. They are yet another of many bands doing the "primitive anti-cosmic ritual death" thing....yes, that is actually a "scene"...but they are doing this sepulchral noise way better than many of their brethern, who seem to think that "noise" equals "death".

With Hic Iacet, the noise and distortion is there, but harnessed to actual songs and powerful riffs. Unless you are allergic to anythign but pure distortion, you will be satisfied with this band's extreme darkness and light-crushing heaviness. The title track begins with a lengthy, doomy epic with roaring, echoing vocals probably reciting the recipe for egg salad sandwiches. What the words are is unimportant, but the sound and force behind them makes them the equal of the brutal guitars. Fans of Incantation, Disma and the like will also worship Hic Iacet.

The band does not restrict itself to long doomy songs. "Infinite Consciousness" blasts forth like a raging inferno, lasting less than five minutes. "Mahakala" is also brief but destructive. Like the perfect bookend, "Catacombs of the Mandala" ends the album with 10 minutes of hell, ranging from dragging doom to volcanic eruptions of speed. There is a ritualistic feel to it all that many bands try to achieve, but fall short of.

I like the way this is all laid out. This is the kind of dark death metal I can sink my teeth into. Hic Iacet should be better known. Consider yourself informed!