By Colonel Angus

There is a growing trend for bands to self-title their albums after they already have a number of records under their belt.  Hibria is going that route on this, their 5th release.  It really makes no difference because a) this is the first CD I have of theirs and b) the title does not really matter, it’s the songs that count.  I have to say that I was not really into these guys upon first listen and while this disk will not make it into my top 10 of 2015, it is a record that I have grown to like.  There are a few styles that converge on this CD, with good ol’ metal as the base and then power metal and thrash thrown on top here and there to give it some variety.  There are even some horns and saxophone on a couple of tracks that reminds me a little of the self-title Lynch Mob release.  One thing is for sure, each of the guys really puts in a great performance throughout.  Iuri Sanson puts a lot of energy and emotions into his vocals.  Abel Camargo and Renato Osorio come up with catchy riffs and nice lead work.  They go from power metal riffs to Malmsteen-esque solos to some really cool moody guitar work (check out the middle of “Words” for a good example of that).  Bassist Benhur Lima also gets to show off his skills with small solo spots that remind me of Billy Sheehan and drummer Eduardo Baldo really keeps this record moving with a drumming style that has the precision of power metal but some of the raw feel of the thrash.

As I mentioned earlier, upon first listen I found the album to have a same-ness about it and was not really impressed.  Multiple spins later, I found more and more to like about it.  Even though many of the tunes have a similar style, there were parts that revealed themselves after just a few additional listens.  Opening track “Pain”, “Ghosts”, and “Church” are my favorites and I think that those tracks show off the best parts of the record.  Those cuts along with “Words” show off the band’s musical prowess and in my mind encapsulates the Hibria sound.  Test Your Metal Records is releasing this one and I suggest you give this band a shot.  Now, I don’t think that the band is groundbreaking or creating something we haven’t heard before but I do believe that there is more to this CD that can be heard on the first spin.  This CD has definitely put Hibria on my radar and I will be looking forward to the next release.