“Entangled In Sin”

By Theron Moore

Bay area thrash legends HEXX return with “Entangled In Sin”, their follow up to 2017’s “Wrath Of The Reaper”, dropping September 25th via High Roller Records.  If you’re looking for something akin to “Quest For Sanity” or “Morbid Reality”, HEXX took a new approach opting for a more traditional / power metal sound that served as the foundation for their comeback record, “Wrath Of The Reaper”.  

The new album was recorded at the Sonic Room Studios in Livermore California and was engineered by Tim Narducci and produced by Bart Gabriel,” explains guitarist and founding member Dan Watson. “We put a lot more time and thought into pre-production with this album than we did for the “Wrath Of The Reaper” record.”

 “’Entangled In Sin’ is, in my opinion, a better record,” Dan Watson carries on by comparing the last two Hexx albums. “Not that “Wrath Of The Reaper” is without its moments, but this new album is superior in many ways. Better songs and better production for sure. For this recording, we wrote and rehearsed everything with the click track in mind. We paid special attention to the tempos so that the riffs would flow and groove the way we wanted them to for maximum crushing power. Lyrically, this album also has a more focused message than its predecessor.”

Watson is 100% right on.  “Entangled in Sin” shows depth, vision and a hell of a lot of progression regarding the band’s traditional / power metal sound which is tighter than hell and twice as heavy.  

Identity is a big thing with a band. Do they know who they are?  Are they making music or mimicking music?  Not only are HEXX making music with “Entangled In Sin,” they’re setting the bar extremely high for other bands in this genre.  HEXX has effortlessly moved away from their heavier, thrashier 80’s roots into this razor-sharp, killing machine they are today.  The band’s chemistry is on point, and their song writing and execution is a bullseye.  

“Entangled in Sin” is 13 tracks of ass kickin’, power / traditional metal that doesn’t try to be early Priest or Maiden, it’s all HEXX, their sound, their image and it works.  Standout tracks include “Signal 30 I-5,” the title track “Entangled In Sin,” and “Over But The Bleeding.”  If you dig THRUST and SACRED LEATHER, you’ll connect with “Entangled In Sin.”  HEXX are real deal steel.  I’m heavily recommending this record.  A must buy for sure.