“Death Ordinance”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Imagine a titanic battle between “Realm of Chaos” era Bolt Thrower, early Incantation and Angelcorpse and you will have an idea of the immense devastation that this mysterious band of future mercenaries bring to the table. I was rather disappointed in the debut of Memoriam earlier this year. I was actually expecting them to sound more like Heresiarch does here…an onslaught of relentless chaos mixed with absolute crushing doom. Just like Bolt Thrower did on “Realm of Chaos”, Heresiarch sounds like the apocalyptic battle fought on the cover art.

“Consecrated by Fire” is a perfect introduction. Man, does this song flatten everything in its path! The production is huge and violent and the roaring vocals of N.H.  are out of the “cavernous” style of early Incantation.  Tunes like “Storming Upon Knaves” and “Ruination” border on the uncontrolled with their fury…this is where the comparison to Angelcorpse, Bestial Warlust, Impiety and other “war metal” bands comes in. But unlike many of those bands, Heresiarch are able to keep a firm grip on song structure and avoid becoming total noise. As much as the faster “war metal” songs rip, it’s really the doomy and mid-paced stuff where the band really show their immense heaviness. The last song “Desert of Ash” is total apocalyptic doom/death that blasts your skull into the wasteland.

Speaking of wasteland, “Death Ordinance” appears to be a concept album about mechanized tribes fighting to the death in the ruined landscapes of the post-apocalyptic future. Never has that kind of landscape had such fitting and destructive musical accompaniment. Buy and die!