“Restructure The Molded Mind”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I thought the first HEMOTOXIN effort “Biological Enslavement” was a total killer of progressive death metal and one of my favorite records for 2016. I don’t know if it’s because my taste has changed or if the production here is vastly inferior, but “Restructure The Molded Mind” doesn’t affect me nearly as much.

I think production has a lot to do with it. Seconds into “Nihilistic Principle” and my ears were starting to ache from the harsh, grating guitar sound. If this guitar was any drier sounding, camels could have played it. Plus that thin, clacky drum sound! This sort of production would hamper even the best bands and it really takes a toll here.
But as the album rolls along, the material starts to impress more and more with unusual shifts in riff, tone and tempo, creating a strange mix of ATHEIST, VOI VOD and MEGADETH in the songwriting. “Execution” and “Automation” are two standouts that are unpredictable yet groovy...with a top notch production, who knows how god-like they could have been? At least the guitar soloing retains its clarity and bite.

HEMOTOXIN is definitely a band with something to offer fans of progressive thrash and death. So why don’t they get in a position where they can get a sound worthy of their talents?