“Biological Enslavement”

By Dr. Abner Mality

About one minute into opening track “Decadence”, my neck muscles were already getting sore. By the end of the next song “Regression”, I knew I had a hold of something special. And by the time things wrapped up with “Transparent Eyes”, I was in a state of euphoric exhaustion.  Holy shit, brothers and sisters, but this record jams like a motherfucker!

This is a brilliant, full-blast recreation of the progressive death metal  stylings of Atheist and “Human”-era Death. It doesn’t just capture the sound and spirit of those breakout bands, it actually reaches a level where it equals them in every way. Sure, you will almost constantly be reminded of Death and Atheist in their glory days when you listen to this, but when it’s delivered with such expertise, fire and commitment, it doesn’t matter how obvious the influence is. On “Biological Enslavement”, we have nine great tracks of neck-breaking death metal that’s full of speed, great riffs, exciting time changes and lead guitar that attacks without mercy. “Decadence” and “Regression” are awesome introductions to the Hemotoxin style and even the dry vocals recall Chuck Schuldiner’s prog phase to a T. With “Minus Human”, things drop into a fusion style for just a bit before kicking into high gear again. But it’s “Not of This World” that will knock you through the wall. Oh my God! I don’t think Atheist themselves could create such a mix of brutality and technicality.

As the album continues, it does lose just a wee bit of gas by the end, as the instrumental “Journey Through Dreams” and “Transparent Eyes” are a bit too much like what’s gone before. But even so, both cuts are very enjoyable.

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with what Hemotoxin has created here. The year is young but I feel pretty sure this will find its way into my Top 10 list by the end of the year. This is superb technical death metal in the vintage style!