"Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Swimming through a sea of rotting corpses would be a breeze compared to enduring the putrid sonic sludge that Hellvetron conjures with "Death Scroll of Seven Hells blah blah blah..." If that lengthy title leads you to believe this is another plunge into the grisly world of Incantation-inspired doom-death, step forward and claim your goat-headed demon doll, because you hit it right on the money.

This is a foul, murky swamp of slow, down-tuned riffage, hellish echoing vocals intoning Goetic chants and a general feeling of suffocating alive. Bands such as Disma, Encoffination and Necros Christos come to mind while listening to Hellvetron, though the careful listener can also find traces of very early Paradise Lost (listen to the opening strains of "Titahion-Foul Eaters of the Clay of Death" and tell me you can't hear a little "Lost Paradise"), disEmbowlment and even old Samael. There are also traces of  industrialized noise and black metal here and there. But the overwhelming atmosphere is one of dragging, chaotic doom.

I can't place Hellvetron quite in the company of Disma or Encoffination because the songwriting is not there...there's sloppiness in the construction of these tunes and often they seem to come to an end abruptly due to lack of ideas. An exception is the final track "Gehinnom--Hellwomb of the Impure Hag Queen", which has some very eerie keyboard sounds and samples to cap it off...incidentally, that is also the most varied and promising track. However, the lengthy Incantation-inspired titles such as "Shaari-Moth, Ominous Gate of Death" and "Sheol--Grave of Supernals"  are so "super-evil" that they are ripe for snickers instead of shudders.

Recommended to lovers of the most torturous and dreary death-doom...and no others.