“The Evil Emanations”

By Dr. Abner Mality

“Charm” is not a term usually associated with evil death metal, but there is unmistakably such a feeling surrounding this record. It is so old school and embraces mid-90’s death metal sounds and concepts so completely that it emerges as something fuzzy and nostalgic. Believe it or not.

It’s a little different in that it’s not drawing inspiration from the “abyssal” sounds of Incantation as is usually the case. This has more of the sound of Krisiun or Malevolent Creation in full flow, right down to the somewhat dry production and mixing. Deicide and early Morbid Angel are other apt comparisons. 

Most of it is pleasing but not especially outstanding. Occasionally Hellish God really hits the DM sweet spot…last track “Marching With the Accuser” is a great riffest, while “The Hindering Ones” and “Burning the Infidel” also have their moments of fiery splendor. But I can’t say the band equals or surpasses their influences.

Surely worth a pick up if you’re nostalgic for prime Floridian death metal, but not essential.