“The Spectre of Lonely Souls”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A complete nostalgia trip into the depths of the sweaty South American past here. Hellish have emerged from the sweltering Chilean metal scene to take us back to the days of Vulcano, Sextrash and a million grimy Satanic thrashers from the Amazon.

“The Spectre of Lonely Souls” is of no use unless you remember those days and those wild. Bloodthirsty bands with fondness. There is no other reason for this to exist. If you also like the primitive German thrash of the 80’s, you can also give this a try. Even the deliberately rough and analog production echoes the halcyon days of deviltry.  The songwriting here is not totally primitive as there is some attempt at sinister Mercyful Fate-like melody, but it certainly is not technical in the ordinary sense.  It’s like a less polished version of Possessed.

Favorites here for me are the straightforward thrash and thunder of “The Night”, “Sacrifice” (both mind-blowingly original titles for sure) and “Only Death”. The more melodic and epic stuff like “Souls of Desolation” doesn’t work as well.

Not the greatest work of art by far, but essential for fans of the lovably crude days of South American metal….