HIC IACET "Prophecy of Doom" 7"

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY "Mayhemic Speed Anarchy" 7"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Hell's Headbangers is keeping the legacy of the 7" alive and kicking at the label. Suddenly I am swamped by a swarm of the small but deadly discs and for the most part, they continue to prove that HH is a label with a bony middle finger on the pulse of underground metal.

HIC IACET is a mysterious cabal hailing from Spain and based on the two tracks on their "Prophecy of Doom" 7", you can file these guys with other avatars of raw and murky death metal such as Acephalix, Binah and Maveth. Very morbid and sick sounding riffing, fairly high speed, with a lot of memorability and roaring vocals like a demon caught in a wind tunnel. It has that cryptic feeling of the best primitive death metal in spades and I can't wait to see what new kind of Inquisition these Spaniards unleash on mankind.

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY is already a known quantity to me. These Italian speed punks specialize in rocking thrash that mixes the best aspects of Motorhead, "War and Pain" era Voi Vod and d-beat punk. There's no way you will keep your ass still while listening to "Mayhemic Speed Anarchy" because this track rocks like a stone cold motherfucker! Mutant heavy metal punk n' roll! Their cover of Black Uniforms' "Computer World" is god-like as well.  This bodes well for their next full length!

With the SPAWN OF SATAN/SATHANAS split, we hit a slight bump in the road. Spawn of Satan's "Ritual Murder" is not bad but just seems like basic old school death metal, with a particularly weak drum sound. Veterans Sathanas fare a little better with "Unholy Eternal", because I sense a bit more structure in the song and the vocals are as hateful as hell itself. But neither of these tracks here will set the underground metal world alight.

To pick between Hic Iacet and Children of Technology is a mighty hard task...pick 'em both up and let God sort 'em out!