“Vuur van Verzet”

By Dr. Abner Mality

For my money, Heidevolk is the best and most consistent of all European folk metal bands. While other folk metallers drown in too much folksiness or engage in awful “beer metal” humor, these Dutchmen set the standard. My favorite album of theirs will always be “Batavi”, but “Vuur van Verzet” carries the Heidevolk banner with pride

As with all previous records, this one mixes strong and sturdy metal riffs with lusty folk vocals that sound like they came untarnished from 1000 years ago. Nobody combines those two things as well as Heidevolk, resulting in sound that manages to be both modern and ancient. A lot of the songs here start with simple, catchy metal hooks and gradually build up to melodies featuring authentic instruments. Prime examples of this would be “Ontwaakt”, “Woedend” and “Tiwaz”. Their mastery of multiple vocal styles is unchallenged…deep and rich “heroic” clean vocals, gruff shouts, a clearer tenor vocal and just a touch of death grunts and female singing to add spice. Great stuff. A couple of tracks like “The Alliance” and “Het Juk der Tijd” reach for something more epic and complex, with the latter song adding some full bore orchestration without going overboard.

Others may come and go, but Heidevolk stays the course.