“Enthroned By Persecution”

By Dr. Abner Mality

“Hegemony” is described as the political dominance of one city-state over others in a sphere of influence. So ends the lesson for today. The HEGEMONY we are concerned with is a band from the unlikely city-state of Alabama that brings a lot of raw power to bear in their own quest for dominance.

This is another solid find for Hell’s Headbangers, who rarely make a wrong move when it comes to underground metal. HEGEMONY manage to be fast and violent enough to appeal to the war metal crowd that digs the likes of IMPIETY and REVENGE, but catchy enough to reel in the bangers who like groovy riffs in the  vein of OBITUARY and Swedish death metal. They remind me a lot of ANGELCORPSE at their best. No matter how raw and ravaging the tune is, there’s always a sizable amount of groove to be found. Cuts like “Rise To Turmoil”, “Driven By Hedonistic Vice” and “Strength and Impurity” kind of ooze along with greasy hooks. When called for, they either cut loose with total war velocity or wild cat strangling guitar solos.

It follows time honored patterns and let’s face it, when you have band members named Barbaric Progenitor and Fanatical Deathtitan, progression is not high on the menu. HEGEMONY shows Alabama is ready to unleash the hounds of war.