"Denouncing the Holy Throne" 

by Thor

Czech Republic death metalers Heaving Earth return with "Denouncing the Holy Throne,” out now.

I've been listening to this genre for its entire existence and these days it seems like my patience for arbitrary musical masturbation is nowhere to be found.  In this current era of super-gifted and digitally-assisted musicians, a band's collective technical prowess is not a sufficient barometer for whether or not I like them.And this problem results in my overarching impression of "Denouncing the Holy Throne."  The guys in Heaving Earth are really good musicians.  And that's the album's downfall.

In almost every instance on "Denouncing the Holy Throne," power and heaviness are sacrificed for technical wankery.  There's a complete void of catchiness or memorability.  The band's fantastic drummer blasts through 90% of each song, and the guitar players don't really play riffs as much as they throw every exotic scale and strange, discordant fingering against an apparently adhesive proverbial wall and everything seems to stick.  The songs are long, repetitive, and lack any sort of viscerally moving element.  The result is a really boring album by a band that can play circles around a whole lot of other bands.
Vocally, Heaving Earth employs standard gutturals and if the album title didn't give it away, they're conceptually similar to a million other bands.  I suppose you subgenre Nazis out there could put them in the old school-tech-blackened-death box.

There will no doubt be a ton of metal fans for which this album scratches an itch at worst or maybe even blows their minds.  Heaving Earth does what it does extremely well, and what that is, is something that puts me to sleep.