By Dr. Abner Mality

Tried as hard as I could to wrap my head (pun intended) around this excursion in 90's minimalist noise rock, just couldn't do it. I didn't like this kind of stuff in the 90's and I still don't like it now. 

I guess this also partakes of what they called "post-punk", whatever that is. Heads play super stripped down and mopey downer rock with occasional burst of loud noise. Plenty of jangly, low key guitar. Lots and lots of a vocalist who sounds like he just drank 5 gallons of Robitussin muttering hipster-type lyrics into the mike. I've actually grown to like a lot of the noisier 90's influenced alt rock...the new Wrong album is a good example. I just can't find the energy and excitement in "Collider". I've had to endure too much of this stuff at the local "cool" music hangout.

It is dark, no doubt about it, and there are parts where it's quite heavy, but it is not for me. Now if any of what I've described appeals to you, by all means go aHEAD and grab yourself "Collider". Best to be drinking an IPA and vaping while you do so.