“Headcat 13” 


HEADCAT 13 is a new band, but in some ways it isn't. The band HEADCAT consisted of Lemmy Kilmister (MOTÖRHEAD), Slim Jim Phantom (THE STRAY CATS) and rockabilly legend Danny B. Harvey (ROCKATS). They produced hard rocking modern takes on old school rock and roll. With Lemmy no longer with us, Harvey has put together a new band on the legacy of the old one and named it "HEADCAT 13."

Taking Kilmister's place is none other than Alan Davey. No one can fill Lemmy's shoes better than Davey. Not only was Davey good friends with Kilmister, he learned to play bass out of his admiration for Lemmy and he even held the bass gig in HAWKWIND for many years, a role that Kilmister played in the early days of the band.

Paul Vezelis (FRANTIC FLATTOPS) handles the drums on the album, and backing vocals (and even a duet on one song) are provided by Annie Marie Lewis at points on the disc. This album really carries on the traditions of HEADCAT very well, delivering some killer modern versions of 1950s (and even 60s) rock and roll.

The album starts with "Let’s Go Crazy" and bass leads the cut out. As the guitar kicks in, the number really fires into killer rocking zones. It is based on old-school rock and roll, but it has a real modern crunch to it. The guitar soloing is on fire, too. With female backing vocals, "Wigglin’ And A Jigglin’" is another screaming hot stomper. It's one of the songs written by Davey. It has some scorching guitar soloing and is a killer tune.

"Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite" really feels quite a bit like the rock and roll side of MOTORHEAD. It's another stomper with a lot of style and class. Another straight ahead old school rocker, "That’s It That’s All" has a lot of punk in the mix. It's a powerhouse tune. Next up is "Route 66," and it is a cover of the old chestnut, and a fun romp. It's not a big change, but it's effective.

Punk, metal and old school rock and roll merge on the killer tune that bears the title "Psycho Daisies." "Reckless, Wild And Crazy" really feels a lot like MOTORHEAD. Sure, it's more 50s rock and roll based than that, but then again, that isn't a sound that MOTORHEAD steered clear of, anyway. Another cut written by Davey, "Don’t Look Back" is not a big change, but another hard rocker. It has some of the tastiest guitar work of the whole set. It's screaming hot.

Bouncy old-school rock and roll is the order of business on "Have Love Will Travel." The song makes me think of bands like THE KINGSMEN. It's a bit of variety and a lot of fun. It might be my favorite tune on the disc. With "Susie Q" they give us another cover of an old classic. This version rocks out really well. I get a MOTORHEAD does CCR vibe from it. The guitar solo is a meaty one.

With a real Bo Diddley beat, "Come Out And Play" has some seriously killer guitar soloing built into it. Another old-school classic, their cover of "Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” almost sounds like a collaboration between MOTORHEAD and GIRLSCHOOL due to the male/female vocal dynamic.