"Blood of the Earth"

By Dark Starr

First time around I wasn't overly crazy about this album. It really grows on you, though. I hear a lot of vintage Hawkwind from several various eras.  Tunes like "Wraith", "Sentinel" and "Sweet Obsession" bring the rocking feel of the "Levitation" period to the fore while "Prometheus" is one of the band's purest psychedelic cuts and hearkens back to their earliest days. The record also moves the group in new directions. A prime example of that would be the cut "Comfy Chair", a mellow and more contemporary feeling cut.

The music here is diverse, but recognizable as Hawkwind. I would say that the cover , which features variants of older Hawkwind cover art, symbolizes the music within quite well. This isn't my favorite Hawkwind album, but it is an excellent addition to their sizable catalog.