By Dark Starr

Hawklords is made up of some great musicians, several of whom have been in Hawkwind in the past. Therefore, one might expect this to sound like Hawkwind. The previous studio album of theirs I reviewed was quite Hawkwind-like. This one stretches out a bit more, though. Don’t get me wrong, there are some Hawkwind-oriented songs and parts here. It’s just that they don’t seem limited by that. "Elemental Mind" and "Dead Air" seem to draw more inspiration from lush instrumental acts like Vangelis and even ELO. That's something you wouldn't have heard on the last Hawklords album. However, if you're looking for that rawer, more garage-oriented space rock sound, "Dream" will not disappoint.  "D.N.A." and the album closing "Psychic Eyes" jam out hard, with an almost punk-meets-space rock vibe. "Psychic Eyes" in particular is an absolute standout. But the band may be at their most iconic with opening cut "Dream A Dream"...this combines that raw Hawkwind approach with a smoother Pink Floyd sound. That is top of the line spacy prog.

This is, in my opinion, a more diverse and effective set than that previous one. I’m looking forward to hearing what these guys do next. They are on a winning streak and getting better each time. Check out my interview with them appearing here soon at Wormwood Chronicles!