“Reduced To Flesh”

By Dr. Abner Mality

These guys just don’t quit. Despite lineup upheavals that would sink many another band, they keep hammering out their brand of thrash metal. Many call what they do “modern thrash” as opposed to what arose in the 80’s, but how accurate is that really? They’ve been doing this so-called “modern” style that mixes groove with death metal touches since the early 90’s…hardly what you’d call a new approach.

“Reduced To Flesh” sees the doleful Danes more angry than ever. A lot of what they do here has been done before, but they are clever enough songwriters to throw just enough curves at you to keep things from getting stale. “Can Of Worms” starts with a hell of a thrashy groove but the mid section of the song surprisingly goes for an epic, almost majestic sound with keyboard enhancements before returning to full throttle. “Lethal Mistakes” takes it even further with huge organ accompaniment and dire narration. There are also points where they drop things down a little bit with melody, such as “Despicable You” But make no mistake, the main focus is on extra crunchy thrash.

You gotta hand it to these dudes for sheer obstinance. They are still a little too formula to suit me totally, but they come across as a very honest and aggressive band that are doing what they love.