By Sgt Deth

This is the third album from Australian thrashers Harlott. I pulled out their last album lately to compare, and as I thought, this new one is an improvement and I can tell they are honing their skills. If you like 
Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, Forbidden, or old Annihilator, you should love these guys. You can hear that kind of influence in almost every song. The production and overall recorded sound is really good as well. The last two albums were also recorded well, but this one seems to top them a little in that category.

Another thing I love about these guys is they are not afraid to throw in some old school guitar solos here and there. Along with some special effects and insanely fast thunderous drums, this CD will blow your ears apart at times. Some songs have a lot of Kreator influence, such as the fast paced and political “Violent Conspirator”. I get mostly the Exodus or Forbidden vibe from second to the last track “Parasite”, and the song “Whore” sounds like it could have definitely been sung by Tom Araya and on the next Slayer CD. These guys are keeping the thrash metal scene alive and fresh. Everyone should go support good metal like this!