“Unholy Destruction”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Hammr is one man, J. Hammer, and what a devilish racket he makes with “Unholy Destruction”. Nothing fancy or ornate about this brutal attack…this is oldschool Satanic thrash delivered with an obsessive fidelity to the likes of early Bathory, Venom, Destruction, and obscure German masters like Vectom and Necronomicon. There’s no time to get bored or worry about originality when this Hammr comes down on your skull!

There’s also a healthy tip of the hat to Discharge style D-core and the old South American terror squads on tunes like “Satanic Raid”. “Desecrator”  and the title track. One thing that stands out about Hammr are the dive-bombing, screaming leads that come at you from every angle. This is an area of worship that many bands in this neck of the woods neglect, but not Mr. Hammer. In addition, his vocals are the bloodthirsty snarls you would expect.

This kinda brings you back to the days when bands doodled pentagrams and devils in black ink on the inlay cards of demo tapes…nostalgic, to be sure, but there’s real fire and venom here as well!