"Tamsins Likam"

By Octopi Mills

After viewing the official video from the album entitled "Frostharv", I was interested to see what the album would hold from these folks. I won't spoil the video for you, but it was a dark, interesting sight that brought old folklore to new life and I hope it makes the young as well as elder folk think more into the matter when they think good old monsters are not real. 

Though I can not yet translate the language, I find meaning in the music and themes as the songs play. The music is crushing at times in a black crawl and mires with more solemn and soft passages and a formula of dynamics is apparent through the whole affair as it is clear to see this is where they wield their power. The vocals follow the same change, going from nearly those of a normal operatic human being to someone who has turned into a lycanthrope or something far darker, and this dynamic makes the music of Hamferd, I can only see after reaching the conclusion. The music offers hints of light and deeper and longer periods of darkness, something like a forecast in a Scandinavian landscape and is a natural phenomenon. Here the fisher has gone astray and the clouds have turned to rain and a scorn of storm where fishing is not really a profession anymore as one gets lost in depressive waters and turns to the crime and vice of a monster. 

The power of these poles and differences can be heard in the depth of the guitars and vocals and  all the music as it follows this darkling course. The softer parts hold little in regard to happiness or hope other than to outright crush you with the tidal music which comes in terrible waves and was done well in terms of its capture on this thing we call an album. I find something deeply dark and elderly Scandinavian in the whole thing, much like the nature itself and , as the old fellow at Crow Crag said "You could never disguise it" if he even said that at all. After watching some live clips of the band I see they are bringing the songs to life byway of the old stage which men creep and dance, and this is a band that plays their tales live and somewhat abroad. 

There is something to be said about Hamferd that is notable, though I don't know to say it if I have not somehow already. I found this album to be notable and novel and will return to it some rainy day when the fire burns lowly and cannot be made to blaze. It has many elements one could mention… operatic, in the vein of heavy doomish metal, but its main power seems to be in bringing ones to the plumed depths of great sorrow or busted spirits, whether to learn or to remain. All in all it can be a bit long winded of a listen after the formula is discovered  but I cannot find much bad to say about it.