"Blodets Band"

By Dr. Abner Mality

"Halshug" apparently means "decapitate" in Danish. The moniker is appropriate...they will take your head off. There isn't a ton to say about these Danish crust-core bruisers. They plays blindingly brutal and to the point punk with influences from crust, d-beat and plain old hardcore. The sound is pleasingly rough and murky, everything sounds like it was recorded live in a squat somewhere and none of the songs overstays its welcome. The album is quite short, which leaves me feeling two, I could always listen to more of this and  two, its just as well it leaves you yearning for more.

I always appreciate vicious efficiency and Halshug has got that part of their sound down. You won't hear some over-extended attempt at "avant-garde" or "genre-blending" punk here.  My favorite cuts are "Knael" and "Total Destruktion" because of the riffing, but nothing here is unworthy.

I will keep things brief as well. "Blodets Band" is an excellent debut recommended to any fan of crushing punk-influenced extremity.