"Wild Heart"

By Dark Starr

Is it heavy metal? Maybe, but the again maybe it’s not. Still, it’s close enough for rock and roll. The blend of sounds here seems somewhere between jam bands and stoner metal bands. This is classic and almost always grooves no matter how heavy it gets.The band muscles its way in with first song "Never Stop", which has a mean sound to its powered up grooves. The title track displays more of a classic psychedelic sound before beefing up to a metallic jam. Even better is to come with a smoking hot "Intoxicating" and the killer tune "All My Demons", which gets my pcik for best of the album. Throughout the album, you get hints of bands like Clutch, Godsmack, Black Sabbath and even Sleep. The stoner rock vibe is heavy but it is not so dominating that I would call the whole thing stoner.

 I love this album, whether it’s metal or not. The blend of sounds never seems to get old or tired. This just plain rocks. I highly recommend watching out for this!