“We Are The Gore”

By Dr. Abner Mality

As a medical practitioner who has taken rather excessive pleasure in wielding my scalpel, I can confidently state that “We Are The Gore” makes me happier than any other recording I have heard this year. This is juicy, putrid Carcass obsessed grind of the highest order, stunning in its purity and unabashed love of throwing viscera around the operating table. 

The thick fuzzy guitar tone, the drop dead heavy bass and the warped medical subject matter are all here. Nothing new about it. But it’s oh so much fun. The early part of the record comes barreling out of the gate with grinding aggression and an overdose of speed.  But when we hit track # 7 “Medical Maniacs”, we hit the real meat of “We Are The Gore”. The lethal uber-catchy bounce of this tune had me dancing around the ER with bonesaw held high. This is the comfort food of extreme metal, right here. And the obscene catchiness continues on cuts such as “Forensick Squad”, “Gynecrologist” and “Prosecutor’s Revenge”. Haemorrhage have taken the Carcass template but removed the excessive technicality and melody from it, leaving a primal rage of grind that sticks in the mind. On killer track “Miss Phlebotomy”, the band add some insane rock n roll wah-wah soloing to the recipe to make it even tastier. Grind N’ Roll? You betcha…

As The Accused once said, this is more fun than an open casket funeral. Exhumed will be returning shortly with their gory new opus “Death Revenge”, but it has its work cut out trying to match the warm appeal of this sick slab of gruesome brutality.