"Temple Of The Impure"

By Lord Randall

Just over a decade into their recorded history, Chile’s diabolical duo HADES ARCHER returns with their first full-length in half that time, and third overall. With most of the tracks gravitating between the 2-3-minute mark, you’d expect the devil’s dozen found within the "Temple Of The Impure" to pack a short, but meaningful punch. They’d have to, or what’s the point, eh? 

My first experience with Messrs. N-III (vocal, bass, guitars) and the holder of one of the best black metal nom de plumes ever, drummer Hateaxes Command, was their 2014 split with fellow Chilean horde SLAUGHTBBATH. While the HADES ARCHER material was enjoyable, I have to confess only remembering to listen after when I stumbled across the album while looking for something else. Now returning with "Temple Of The Impure", we find the duo not veering too much from the template of "Circus Of Abominations", yet this isn’t such a bad thing. Once you get past the meant-to-sound-evil intro – which actually could’ve been performed by Satan as interpreted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone – ‘Chaos Teratosis Chimeras’ stomps the pedal not only to the metal, but through it speedwise, shifting down to a Sarcofa-groove for the no-less-punishing ‘The Gods Sold The World For Destruction’. What would a HADES ARCHER album be without sex, and ‘Sex Sex Sex Perversions’ fills the bill ala IMPALED NAZARENE at their grimiest, early BELPHEGOR if it gave zero fucks about precision. I’ve always loved songs/albums that felt as if the band was at true risk of becoming unhinged and just falling apart, a feeling that "Temple Of The Impure" definitely evokes. I’d have flipped the 0:37 ‘The World Inheritance’ and ‘Apollyon’s Brightness’ in track order, but it’s a small gripe. Oh, and South Park Satan comes back for the outro. 

Solid. Let’s hope I remember to come back for more. It’s worth it.