"Unlawful Odds"

By Dark Starr

I love Alan Davey’s current band Gunslinger. This live album is their latest release. Really, the band seems to merge Hawkwind and Motorhead sounds. That makes sense because Davey held the bass spot in Hawkwind (that had been held at one time by Lemmy) for a very long time and he’s a huge fan of Lemmy and Motorhead. It’s not like I’m calling out a description that Davey himself hasn’t made, because he’s said it himself. Whatever you call it, though, this is a killer live recording from a great band.

You really can smell the sweat in raw, overheated workouts like "Going After The Kill" and "Savage Love", where the Motorhead comparisons are really apt. But the energy is still in songs that are more psychedelic or even poppy, such as "Warhorse" and "Cyanide". If you love pure, hard-hitting rock with a spacy touch, I can't imagine you wouldn't dig Gunslinger and this live disc would serve as a fantastic introduction to their style as well as a treat for longtime fans. Live rock albums are increasingly rare, making this all the more precious. Highly recommended.