"Saint Patricks Day Songs for Kids"

by Octopi Mills

Here is a different sort of music than usual here at Wormwood, and one of the Celtic/Scottish folk variety. For those who don't know of Marc Gunn or his work with the Brobdingnagian Bards of olde, there is little i can say other than you should seek this stuff out, as this man is a true minstrel and modern day bard. What Mr. Gunn does is lend his spirit to old songs of yore, and mixes a dose of Sci Fi, cat lover themes,fantasy, and comedy at times to what could become an otherwise stale tradition.

Here he has brought us songs in the theme for children, and near Saint Patrick's day, which is a combination indeed. When you hear him do songs like "Rattlin Bog" or "The mermaid song" with mere vocal and auto harp, you can feel the man's genuine passion for what he does, and from whence he came.  One of the best versions I have ever heard of "Loch Lomond" was by this man, and he does the song again here, with perhaps the same childlike glee he had when he loved it as a boy himself. In fact, when i think of his back catalog, i must say my own favorite Irish and Scottish folk songs are versions done by him. And the man has even released an album of Hobbit smoking songs....this in itself merits enough praise for bread and ale at any banquet hall in the realms. "By The Rising of the Moon" will have any good lad ready to put a pike upon his shoulder, and "Wherever I May Roam" has a good, warm family feel.

.In an age where we are force fed violence and darkness through art and media it is damn good to hear someone not only keeping old traditions alive, as the bards once did themselves, but also giving something rather than taking from the listener. The Celtfather, as he is known has returned once again. Another fine collection  he has presented with us, and with good cheer in such a rotten age. Another great album by a man who has these songs in his blood and spirit. Highly recommended...