“Dimensions of Horror” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

It sure didn’t take Gruesome long to dive back in the Sulphur pit.  Around this time last year, we were just getting to know these DEATH-obsessed freaks with their debut “Savage Land”. “Dimensions of Horror” is the quick followup that has erupted like a pustulent boil on a plague-infected zombie and it absolutely delivers the same old school death metal kick to the nads that its predecessor did…maybe even more so!

It seems that the EP is faster and more aggressive than “Savage Land” and it reminds me a bit more of “Leprosy” in style than “Scream Bloody Gore”. A bit more technical, but still bloodthirsty and brutal. Geez, do they nail that classic Death sound! It doesn’t take much of an imagination to link “Amputation” to “Mutilation” or “Hellbound” to “Leprosy” itself. Yet it comes across as honest tribute, not brain-dead ripoff. The galloping beginning of “Seven Doors” kinda brough Repulsion’s “Black Breath” to mind…not a bad comparison to make. But the EP really takes off with the title track…so much like classic Death, it will send chills up your spine and make you look around the corner for Chuck’s ghost.I highly recommend you check out the video for this song, as it recreates an 80’s horror vibe that perfectly matches the ghoulish tune.

I can forgive Gruesome just about anything when they come up with material this morbid and catchy. “Savage Land” was not a fluke and we can look forward to a long career from these sickos!